Unclaimed Property Services

Manage the risks and remove the worry about unclaimed property

Resolving unclaimed property, whether tangible assets like safe deposit box contents, or intangibles like securities, is a complex, time-intensive task for organizations. Partner with Vantage Consulting to ensure your company complies with unclaimed property laws.

Vantage Consulting Unclaimed Property Services

Our team of experts can help you with the following services:

Preparing for an Unclaimed Property Audit

If you’ve received notification that an unclaimed property audit is forthcoming, Vantage Consulting will help you navigate the process, which can vary by industry and auditor. Because the process often involves multiple departments and jurisdictions, Vantage recommends proactively conducting an internal review before the audit.

Personalized Consulting to Manage Unclaimed Property

With a comprehensive risk assessment by Vantage Consulting, you’ll understand your company’s potential unclaimed property liability. We’ll work with you on a remediation plan, voluntary disclosure agreements, and policies and procedures to keep your organization in compliance.

Optimizing Unclaimed Property Reports

Vantage Consulting Unclaimed Property reporting services include reviewing current reports to identify gaps and opportunities for improvement. Our team also provides guidance to help you develop reporting policies that comply with state laws.

Why Choose Vantage Consulting for Unclaimed Property Services?

Personalized Approach

We’ll provide support wherever you need help with your unclaimed property process. You can bring us in to address questions about audits, reporting, escheatment prevention, or due diligence. The Vantage Consulting team is here to reduce the burden of managing unclaimed property.


Although resolving unclaimed property or managing an audit is often a complex challenge, Vantage Consulting uses a straightforward approach that’s easy to follow and implement.

Confidentiality and Security

Vantage Consulting keeps your company and customer data private and secure, maintaining control and integrity throughout our partnership with you.

Exceptional Customer Care

From our first meeting throughout our engagement with you, our team delivers consistently clear communication. You and your team will understand the audit process, reporting guidelines, and steps to follow to resolve escheatment issues.

Every organization has at least a top 10 list of compliance issues to address. Unclaimed property compliance requires knowledge of changing state requirements, audit processes, and reporting requirements. It’s time to bring UP experts from Vantage Consulting to your next compliance meeting. Let’s connect and discuss implementing a plan to address your unclaimed property needs.

Bring in UP (Unclaimed Property) Experts for your Company